Medicine, 1,300 surgeons in Rome for ‘Digestive Surgery – surgeon between soul and robot’

Yesterday the congress ‘Digestive Surgery, Surgeon Between Soul and Robot’ ended in Rome at the Crowne Plaza hotel with great success of participants. Approximately 1,300 surgeons, with 400 speakers from abroad and many young people. The quality of the scientific contributions on the treatment of tumors of the esophagus, stomach, colon, rectum, pancreas and liver was very high, where the leading experts met offering contributions for the youngest who will increase their experiences.

For the first time, a congress dedicated a session on future technologies applicable to medicine, in particular to surgery: what today is considered the top of technology, that is the robot, will very soon be the Paleolithic era of technologies. The greatest satisfaction for the organizers, however, was the great desire to participate of many professionals to demonstrate that not even the pandemic can stop culture and the great desire to continue to grow with humility and dedication in the service of man.