Medicine, Giannattasio Dell’Isola (J&J): “Assisted robotics in the knee”

At the Siot congress: “For infection prevention, ‘Points of difference’ campaign for patients”

“On the tenth anniversary of our latest generation solution in the knee prosthetic field, we announce the launch of assisted robotics which represents a further step forward in the approach to the treatment of this joint with arthroplasty. A solution that represents the future of world of orthopedics and allows you to carry out a personalized, standardized, simple and safe intervention, which contributes to the reduction of costs and the sustainability of the healthcare system. Furthermore, it allows you to manage data and information on the success of the implant itself and on how the patient can recover functionality in the shortest possible time”. Thus Vincenzo Giannattasio Dell’Isola, Vice president & Managing director of DePuy Synthes Italia of J&J MedTech, on the sidelines of the 106th national congress of the Italian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (Siot) underway in Rome.

“Johnson & Johnson Medtech – he adds – has made orthopedics one of its main sectors of activity. Our commitment is linked to the production and introduction of technological innovations that improve the patient’s treatment path and at the same time generate better results in a perspective of sustainability of the entire system”. The company is also committed to preventing infections at operating sites. “We all know – he explains – that wound infection represents the main reason for the failure of the prosthesis with the consequent need to perform a second implant, called revision prosthesis. J&J Medtech’s commitment is aimed not only at the scientific community but also to patients. This is why we have launched a communication campaign called ‘Points of difference’, precisely to raise awareness of the importance of wound management”, concludes Giannattanasio Dell’Isola.