Mediobanca, from consultation agreement ok to Board of Directors list

Assembly called for October 28th for the renewal of the Piazzetta Cuccia board

Mediobanca’s consultation agreement goes green to the board of directors’ list. In the march towards the meeting called for 28 October for the renewal of the Piazzetta Cuccia board, this is the line that emerged during the meeting of the shareholders of the pact who together hold 10.85% of the capital of Mediobanca. An appointment, the one that took place this morning to examine the accounts as of June 30th, which confirmed support for the list of directors approved by the board of directors on September 20th. The consultation agreement includes, among others, the Mediolanum group, Monge, Gavio, Ferrero, Lucchini, Pecci, Angelini.

The support for the list of the board of directors, according to what financial sources explained at the end of the meeting, is motivated with conviction by the positive opinion that the members of the pact express on the work of the management, on the accounts of the institute and on the One Brand One plan Cultures, whose strategy would be the right one to create value.

Meanwhile, the deadline of October 3, the date by which the minority lists must be presented, is fast approaching. The wait is all focused on Delfin’s moves, after the failure to agree on a shared board of directors list. The orientation on the part of the safe of Leonardo Del Vecchio’s heirs is to present a list of five names. A line that is considered ‘softer’ than the option of a 7-man list, which, in the event of a majority, would lead to a split on the board. Meanwhile, according to press reports, last week, in a letter, Caltagirone formalized his no to Mediobanca’s proposal, underlining how the group is a stable shareholder and not an activist fund whose conduct is linked to the short term.