Mediobanca, from inheritance to list for board of directors of Delfin

Decision on councilors awaited

The level of the clash at Delfin rises. What is increasing the tensions in the large Del Vecchio family, already grappling with the thorny question of the legacy of Leonardo, the founder of the empire who died in June 2022, is now also the Mediobanca dossier on which in the last few hours a dispute has taken place rift between the brothers. Paola, Luca and Clemente Del Vecchio took to the field asking for clarification in a letter to the board of directors of the Luxembourg safe on the moves undertaken in the governance of Piazzetta Cuccia and, above all, complaining about the lack of information. In particular, the three children asked whether the CEO Francesco Milleri was moving independently or with the consent of the board. In turn, the board of directors responded that Milleri moved with the unanimous vote of the board.

What happen

Now, in light of the new twist, sources interviewed assure that there should be no impact or repercussions on the decisions on the list that Delfin will have to present by October 3rd. The orientation, barring changes, would be to present a list of 5 councilors with important names.

The move of the three children certainly fuels the tensions triggered by the inheritance events. To date it seems that the closing of the chapter of the succession of the owner of Luxottica will be postponed to the first months of 2024. Times longer than expected not so much due to the valuation of the assets which has been completed but due to the possibility of some sales. Meanwhile, four of the founder’s six children would have accepted the inheritance with the benefit of inventory. Some of the heirs such as the eldest son Claudio and Leonardo Maria (he had from Nicoletta Zampillo, whom Leonardo Del Vecchio married twice and who is his heir) participate in the life of the company, as does the son he had from Zampillo in his first marriage, Rocco Basilico, while others are not active in the group also due to their young age: this is the case of the two children born from the union with Sabina Grossi, Clemente Del Vecchio, now nineteen, and Luca Del Vecchio, born in 2001.