Medvedev: ‘War in Ukraine could last decades’

The deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council: “Preventive nuclear attack if the West supplies weapons to Kiev”

The conflict in Ukraine could continue for decades if the very essence of its neo-Nazi rule is not eliminated, said the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedevto reporters during a visit to Vietnam.

“This conflict is destined to last a long time, perhaps for decades. It is a new reality, new living conditions,” he declared on the Tass agency.

According to Medvedev, if the Kiev regime remains in power, “there will be, let’s say, three years of truce, two years of conflict and then everything will start again”. “The very essence of the neo-Nazi government in Kiev must be eliminated,” he added.

The West fails to understand that confrontation between Russia and NATO countries may, at a certain point, for example if nuclear weapons are supplied to Ukraine, lead to a pre-emptive nuclear attack, Medvedev also said. “There are irreversible laws of warfare. Concerning supplies of nuclear weapons to Ukraine, a pre-emptive strike will have to be carried out,” he explained. There will be an attack “under certain circumstances.” Ukraine will receive aircraft and “maybe even nuclear weapons. But this means that a missile with a nuclear warhead will fly over them.”