Meet Celeste Viel, model and daughter of celebrities, who seeks to make history in Miss Universe Chile

Celeste Viel, the daughter of actor and entertainer Felipe Viel, and model Paula Caballero, confirmed that she will participate in the Miss Universe Chile beauty pageant. The 23-year-old seeks to honor her parents, who met and started a family after Caballero won the same contest in 1992. Viel, who has been modeling for almost a decade and studies public relations at a university in the United States, assures that this experience would be a nice opportunity and a great challenge for her.

The daughter of famous models and actors, Felipe Viel and Paula Caballero, is following in her mother’s footsteps by running as a candidate at Miss Universe Chile. Celeste Viel, 23, seeks to honor her parents and continue her family tradition.

The young model, who has been modeling since she was 15 years old and is studying public relations at a university in Florida, United States, sees this challenge as an opportunity to be closer to her country and have a unique experience.

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Viel assures that, although she does not need the contest itself to continue with her career, participating in it would be something significant for her family and for herself. Also, she is enjoying the preparation process, where she has focused on improving her runway, walking well, and giving interviews.

The model has the unconditional support of her parents, who have given her the freedom to grow and make mistakes along the way. For them, the contest is something significant because it was where they met and started a family.

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According to Viel, her mother has told her that the experience of participating in the contest was very enriching, since she was able to meet girls from all over the world and discover new cultures. Her father, for her part, met her mother during the 1993 pageant, where she handed over the crown. All this makes Celeste’s adventure in Miss Universe Chile have great symbolism for her family.