Meet Judeline, the Spanish artist who conquered Rosalía

Catalan singer Rosalia The 29-year-old is one of the most recognized artists worldwide and her music is played on all platforms with great success. She has now just finished the national leg of her ‘Motomami World Tour’ and is preparing to tour various continents.

The Rosalia He always maintains contact with his fans through different means. In the social network of the little camera, she already accumulates more than 21 million followers from all corners of the world and for them she shares photos of her best and extravagant looks and poses, as well as postcards from her trips.

But the Rosalia She also shares her favorite music with her fans through a list of songs on Spotify called “MotomamiSS$$”. There she posts musical pieces by women in the industry who inspire her and you can find songs by Amaia, Shakira, Arca, Rihanna, Kali Uchis or Karol G.

Rosalia. Source: Terra archive

Now the Rosalia shared the song ‘lotro ugar – awakening’ which is the first EP of the Spanish artist Judeline. Her name is Lara although she wants to be called “Yudlain” is from Cadiz and is only 19 years old. She has just entered Rosalía’s radar and with this her exposure will surely increase.

Judaline recently confessed that a collaboration with the singer-songwriter Alizzz as part of his Disqualified project, where he composed and provided the voice for the song Rota, gave him the first flashes of recognition, something that was finalized with this choice of the Rosalia.

Judaline. Source: instagram