Meet Karyme Lozano, the Mexican actress with whom Cristián de la Fuente crossed the limits

Christian of the Source would be involved in a scandal, after he appeared in a video accompanied by a friend in a restaurant and kissing a woman of unknown identity. It is believed that this would have caused problems for his wife Angélica Castro, with whom he has been married for 20 years.

After spreading and making public this controversial video of Christian, other similar situations would have come to light. The Mexican journalist Luis Borrego commented: “I have known of different situations with other women that have not been disclosed in the same way”, thus exposing the renowned artist.

the mexican actress Karyme Lozano 44 years old, met and worked with Christian of the Source twice in the 2013 TV series “I want to love you”. Apparently there was an approach between the two far from fiction and then the interpreter decided to step aside from her.

Karyme Lozano He specified to the journalist that: “When the first images came out, she came out as the third in discord, when she was obeying his flirtation. At the time she did live a love story, she did fall in love. Last year she confirmed that he did have that crush.”

Karime Lozano. Source: Instagram @karymelozanoofficial

Finally, the beautiful Mexican commented that in a new encounter with Christian of the Source for work in the same production, he tried to go too far again and at that moment, the artist decided to stop the situation. This controversy was completely unknown. Currently the Chilean actor has not come out to deny or clarify what happened, like his partner Angélica Castro.