Meet Lucía Martin, Ricky Martin’s youngest daughter

The singer Ricky Martin He turned 50 on December 24. The celebration of this artist with a consolidated career and fans around the world was in line with Christmas Eve and also with the birth of his youngest daughter named Lucia, something that he revealed on the network.

Ricky Martin. Source: Terra file

Before his more than 16 million followers in the social network of the little camera, Ricky Martin wrote: “This beautiful girl has her birthday the same day as me. December 24. Lucia Martin-Yosef, the light in my eyes, my inspiration, my motivation. You are the head of the house and we love that it is so. I love you with all my being. Congratulations my daughter “.

Ricky Martin and Lucia. Source: instagram @ricky_martin

Along with this emotional message, Ricky Martin shared photos of him with the little girl on the beach and mentioned his partner, the Swedish artist Jwan yosef as the author of the postcards. Immediately the publication was filled with likes and good wishes from his fans and his colleagues.

Ricky Martin and Lucia. Source: instagram @ricky_martin

Jwan Yosef also added himself to the birthday greetings of his love and the daughter he has in common and with a black and white photo on the net he wrote: “Today is a double JOY, my most incredible husband Ricky Martin It turns 50 and my daughter Lucía turns 3. You have been a ray of light during the last 5 decades and here you have another 50 years of complete LIGHT ”.

Jwan Yosef and Lucia. Photo: Instagram @jwanyosef

The girl is blonde, has curls, a fair complexion, light eyes and a huge smile on her face, something that shows that she has a happy childhood. Ricky Martin She has four children, the oldest are the twins Valentino and Mateo, whom she had before meeting her love Jwan and later with the marriage, the two youngest Renn and Lucia arrived.