Meet Melissa Raouf, the model who aspires to be Miss Universe without wearing makeup

Melissa Raufrunner-up for Miss England, made beauty pageant history by becoming the first queen to compete without wearing makeup. This happens in the almost 100 years of history that the contest has.

Melissa Rauf, was born in London, is 20 years old and is a university student. The young woman advanced to the semifinals of the contest on Monday, after opting for a look without makeup. Now, she is preparing to compete in October during the finals for the crown. “It means a lot to me because I feel like a lot of women of different ages put on makeup because they feel pressured to do so.”

In more of his sentences, Balm I declare that “if one is happy in his own skin, we should not force ourselves to cover our faces with makeup. Our flaws make us who we are and that’s what makes each individual unique.”

Melissa Rauf. Source: Instagram @melisaraouf

Wearing makeup is not something that she frequents, but what she adopted a while ago. “I never felt like I met beauty standards. I recently accepted that I’m beautiful in my own skin and that’s why I decided to compete without makeup,” explained the aspiring miss Universe in an interview in your country.

Melissa Rauf. Source: Instagram @melisaraouf

The case reached the organizers of Miss England who, through Angie Beasley, declared their feelings: “We did the Top Model Bare Face round in 2019, since most of the contestants sent highly edited images with a lot of makeup and we wanted to see the real person behind the makeup. In turn, they stated that Melissa Rauf plans to participate again without makeup in the final, which takes place in October. “We wish her the best of luck at Miss England. It’s a very brave thing to do,” added Beasley.