Meet Rocío Galera, the model who leaked private messages sent to her by Mauro Icardi

Icardi does not stop showing himself as a serial conqueror, and everything always seems to go wrong for him. Now a new character is added to this story, it is Rocío Galera, who has become the center of attention in a new episode of the novel by Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. The young woman from the Argentine province of Córdoba, educational psychologist and model, has been the subject of messages of conquest by Icardi, which she decided to publish on social networks. With some 80,000 followers on Instagram, Galera owns a clothing store. After the scandal broke, she made her profile on the social network private.

The chats. Source: Instagram @rooggalera.

version of Rocio Galera It is that Icardi had contacted her after giving her several “likes” and commenting on some of her posts. It was Galera who sent him a private message asking if he himself controlled her account or if someone else managed it. Icardi responded immediately, saying that it was him and that no one was driving it. However, he later denied the existence of this message exchange.

Mauro Icardi He added that he was in Istanbul and that he was interested in Galera, but that he asked for privacy so that this would not come to light. However, this did not happen and the messages ended up being revealed to the public.

Icardi’s denial. Source: Instagram @mauroicardi

After Galera published the chats, Icardi denied the rumors in a post, saying that it was all false and that he considered that he was worthy of something more than that. “Nowadays anyone becomes famous?” he wrote he.

the novel of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi continues to add chapters, including their separation, Wanda’s infidelity with Keita Baldé, a former Icardi teammate at Inter, and her fleeting romance with L-Gante. Now, the episode of Icardi’s messages to Rocío Galera has been added.