Meet the “forbidden” pair of shoes that according to Carolina Herrera an elegant woman would never wear

Carolina Herrera, businesswoman, fashion designer and Venezuelan actress, she is undoubtedly a guarantor of style and elegance, which is why her fashion advice is worth gold. Recently the businesswoman has revealed what are the shoes “Forbidden” for anyone because they go against any line of style.

The fashion designer of worldwide recognition who founded her own fashion house in 1981, began her career at the age of 42, when at that time Carolina Herrera decided to venture into the world of international fashion. The first parade of the shoe and clothing expert was in 1981, being so successful that she managed to dress Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, Countess Consuelo Crespi, and even Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Other prominent personalities included Ivanka Trump, Kathleen Turner, Nancy Reagan, and Jacqueline Kennedy.

It is so that in 1987 Carolina Herrera he received the “Moda Award for Top Hispanic Designer” and in 2005 the “Gold Medal of Fine Arts” from King Juan Carlos I of Spain. As if that were not enough, the fashion designer She has been awarded the “Designer of the Year Style Award”, “1999 International Designer of the Year” and the “Portrait of Nation Prize”.

It’s so yes Carolina Herrera says that some shoes ‘They look horrible!’ so it should be. The fashion designer He referred to tennis shoes when he said that “an elegant woman” should never wear them. In an interview with Adela Micha, the businesswoman declared: “I don’t walk with tennis shoes, but with shoes without heels. One looks strange, like those people who goes to the gym and puts on his pants and suddenly puts them on to go out. They look horrible! Everything has its moment.”

To his statement about this type of shoes, Carolina Herrera He added: “There are no basic ones that you must have, you have many (as options).” This was in relation to the question that the interviewer asked the fashion designer about whether there was some kind of shoes that they were basic and infallible.

Source: Twitter