Meet the new project that returns former Mekano boys to television

After several years away from the screens, some former boys Mekano will return to television in a chapter of the program “Qué dice Chile Prime!” which will be broadcast on Channel 13 in Chile. This space, animated by Martín Cárcamo, will face two groups of former figures from Axé Bahía, Porto Seguro and Café con Leche, who will play to discover the most popular answers to miscellaneous questions in a competitive format.

He equipment The winner will donate 2 million pesos to the Rapillán Foundation, an artistic-folkloric training school in La Legua, which supports the inhabitants of the neighborhood through culture and folklore.

The “Tchuchucas” team will be made up of Flaviana Seeling, Francini Amaral, Viví Rodrigues and Cherry Ramos, all former members of Axé Bahía and Porto Seguro. The second equipment, “Ta Dominado”, will be made up of Bruno Zaretti, Thiago Cunha and Indio, former members of Axé Bahía and Porto Seguro, and Alejandro Arriagada, former member of “Café con Leche”. This program will serve to bring together this old group of former Mekano boys, who marked Chilean television 20 years ago.

It is important to note that some of the former boys Mekano they have continued to be present in the public eye, while others, such as Cherry and Indio, have remained relatively anonymous for the past few years. Therefore, this program could be a good opportunity for some of them to reopen the doors to television and do more things in the entertainment industry.

In short, the return of the former boys Mekano to Chilean television is exciting news for the fans who grew up watching them on the Canal 13 screen. In addition, the fact that the program donates an award to a solidarity foundation is a very positive gesture, which shows that these artists not only want to entertain the public, but also help those most in need. Without a doubt, what does Chile Prime say! It will be a program that you do not want to miss if you are a fan of these iconic Chilean television characters.