Meet the unexpected person who can make Yailin La Más Viral come back with Anuel AA

Anuel AA is a renowned trap music singer who is considered one of the great references of urban music. However, he is known for being the protagonists of many scandals, not only in love but also in his private life. The most recent was his separation with Yailin, the most viral, mother of his daughter. But, there is one person who wants the couple back and it is Shadow Blow, a prominent urban singer who does everything possible to make them reconcile.

Yes ok anuel aa He is considered one of the most important singers of the urban genre and who recently launched a successful collaboration with Maluma, he is also known for his controversial relationships. In recent days, the musician spoke about Melissa Vallecilla, the mother of his second daughter who had assured that he had been in a ten-month relationship, to which he denied it and assured that it was only one night of sex and that it lasted five hours.

Anuel and Yailin separated. Source Instagram @anuel

But, this is not the only scandal in which he has been involved. anuel aaTaking into account that apparently, Yailin, the most viral, would have taken the singer’s last name and would have left the maiden name of the 20-year-old singer. Everything apparently happened when the second daughter of the Puerto Rican was born, a product of the relationship he had with Melissa Vallecilla. After the separation, Karol G’s ex said that he did not want to be in love anymore.

However, there is a singer who is trying to Anuel and Yailin, the most viral, mend your relationship. This is the musician Shadow Blow, who is collaborating with the young Dominican singer. Both singers released the song “Only you and me”, which is a success on digital platforms. The new single is a criticism of his ex, Anuel AA.

A musician wants Yailin and Anuel to reconcile. Source Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

In the video clip of Yailin, the most viral and Shadow Blow can be seen wearing a make up with a black dress. In addition, she shared a fragment of the song on her networks: “If you need me, hug me, if you see my defect, improve me, don’t leave me alone, come with me.” Apparently, Shadow Blow would be trying to get the young Dominican to return with anuel aathe father of her daughter.