MeetMyPet, the “six-legged” social network arrives

A social network dedicated to pets and their owners. All this is MeetMyPet: a meeting place to allow dog and cat owners to meet their pets, share experiences and socialize.

How does it work

The startup, launched in Bergamo at the beginning of 2020, defines itself as the first and only “six-legged” social network. Within the app it is possible to become “friends” with other animals (and their owners), share photos and experiences, ask for advice but also get in touch with specialized shops, professionals such as veterinarians or nutritionists, insurance companies (within the platform there are over 400 affiliated businesses). And again: it is possible to search for a playmate or mating partner or dog areas in the vicinity. Therefore a real digital ecosystem capable of responding to the needs of our four-legged friends (and their owners).

History and objectives

It all stems from the idea of ​​the founder Tina Alogna, who was looking for a fast and effective way to socialize her dog with his peers and also find him a companion. Due to the lack of time and dedicated tools, he explains, the intuition was born to create an app that would connect animal lovers. A few months after its launch, the founders say, MeetMyPet “boasts a growth rate of 30 percent per month and has already attracted over six thousand registered users who use it daily”. The goal now, explains Roberto Nembrini, the startup’s strategic consultant, is to “reach at least 50 thousand users by 2022 and 500 thousand by the end of 2023”. For this reason, an equity crowdfunding was opened on the platform “With the aim of raising 50 thousand euros as the minimum objective and 200 thousand as the maximum objective”. With these funds, the social network aims to grow in Italy and expand into new markets.