Meghan Markle had a dream: she tried, but then came the big disappointment

Meghan Markle tried in every way, she had a dream but failed to achieve it. The disappointment was very strong. Here’s what the Duchess of Sussex has been up to

Meghan Markle is certainly one of the most controversial characters in the history of royal family. Born in Los Angeles on August 4, 1981, he embarked on a career in the entertainment world from a young age. After participating in some television broadcasts and taking part in several films, never with the leading role, she achieved success thanks to a television series set in manhattan. The title was Suits and aired between 2011 and 2019.

A close-up of Meghan Markle (credits: Instagram) sologossip

There Duchess of Sussex participated in all seasons of the show but had to skip the last one, as required by the rules of the royal familywhich prevent one of its members from having jobs outside the monarchical border. Meghan she has always been a very ambitious woman. According to some rumors from the Great Britainher rebellious character was the main reason that prompted her to ask her husband to leave the English monarchy.

In fact, at the beginning of 2020, i Sussex they abandoned real life to move to Canada. After running into trouble with the paparazzi, the couple settled on the hills of Montecitoin Californiain the Santa Barbara County. It is one of the most luxurious places of the United States of America, where many famous people live. The life of Meghan she seems happy but there is an episode from her past that still haunts her. Here’s what it is.

What is Meghan Markle’s biggest failure? He still thinks about it today

Meghan Markle she is a very strong woman, with a particularly strong character. When she makes up her mind to do something, she goes through with it and doesn’t give up until she has achieved her goal. It also happened when she convinced her husband to leave the United Kingdom, having suffered a series of abusive and outrageous treatment. The unwillingness to bend to the rules of court life led her to seek happiness elsewhere.

Meghan Markle
The Duchess of Sussex during a public meeting (credits: Instagram) sologossip

But was she always happy? Despite her big ambitions, the former US actress has also had some big ones disappointment in his life. One in particular is still very painful for her and dates back to several years ago when she was just a young student. This episode is set in Chicagowhere is the Northwestern Universitythe university where he studied Meghan Markle.

There Duchess of Sussex participated in an internship at the US embassy in Argentina and began to consider pursuing a political career. Through that internship, Meghan she was looking for answers to understand if she was suitable for that kind of profession but she didn’t pass the test to become an official of the State Departmentthen continued to work as a model and, after some time, began to participate in his first television programs.