Meghan Markle named who speculated on Archie’s skin color in a letter to King Charles

Days after it was announced that Markle would not attend the coronation of Carlos III on May 6reportedly expressed concerns about “unconscious bias” in the royal family in a letter to the king, the newspaper reported The Telegraph on Friday.

A source confirmed to page six: “Yes, there was correspondence, there was an exchange of letters between the Duchess of Sussex and the King.”

“But she has moved on, this was two years ago, it has nothing to do with her decision not to attend the coronation,” the source emphasized.

However, the report will undoubtedly be highly embarrassing for the royal family as Charles, 74, and Queen Camilla prepare to be crowned in front of a global audience.

According to the outlet, the notes were sent after Oprah Winfrey’s March 2021 interview, in which Markle, 41, claimed that a member of the royal family had speculated about the skin color of her unborn child.

Page Six understands that the letters identify the name of a senior member of the royal family who allegedly made the comment. At the time of the interview, palace informants reported that it was neither Queen Elizabeth II nor Prince Philip.

Christopher Andersen’s book, “Brothers And Wives: Inside The Private Lives Of William, Kate, Harry And Meghan”, indeed he named Carlos as the one who questioned Archie’s skin tone, but this has never been proven.

It was reported to The Telegraph that both Carlos and Markle “acknowledged that the individual’s comment was not made with malice.”

However, the newspaper added: “The Palace is also aware of the Sussexes’ frustration that the initial Coronation email correspondence made no reference to their children and their possible involvement. The omission only fueled their feeling that his family plays second fiddle to the Wales.”

During the interview with Oprah, Markle claimed that “various conversations had taken place” between the unnamed royal family member and the duke about what their unborn child would be like.