Meghan Markle, what he did triggers controversy: no one expected it

Meghan Markle ends up in controversy again: what nobody did would have ever expected, who would have ever thought.

He would have imagined everything, but he never thought that a real ruckus would break out. Meghan Markle ended up in the center of the controversy! According to what is learned from the Tiempox portal, it would seem that William’s splendid wife has made a gesture that not only has not gone unnoticed, but is not at all liked by the eyes of many.

Meghan Markle controversy. Credits: Youtube

After the very unpleasant news that saw them involved a few weeks ago, Meghan Markle and Harry ended up again in the crosshairs of the tabloids. Not only – as also told in our very recent article – the truth about the meeting between the former actress and Kate Middleton came out shortly before her wedding with the Duke of Sussex, but Markle ended up at the center of the controversy for what it is. happened in recent days. What exactly are we talking about? Let’s find out together.

Meghan Markle at the center of the controversy: what happened

It would seem that these are by no means simple days for Meghan Markle. On the Tiempox portal, in fact, we read that the Duchess of Sussex ended up again in the center of the controversy for what has happened in the past few hours. It is not at all serious, mind you, but something that the public opinion did not like at all, which immediately overwhelmed it with criticism.

It would seem that, in recent days, Meghan Markle and her husband have attended an event and that – after having finished their engagement – the couple has chosen to refresh themselves at a local restaurant. All good so far, right? Apparently, however, it seems that the former royal couple has asked the owners of the premises to reserve the entire restaurant for themselves and their bodyguards. A very unacceptable request, as it can be clearly understood, and which was immediately rejected. The bitter surprises, however, did not end there at all. On the portal, moreover, it can be read that – for the entire duration of the lunch – the bodyguards invited all the other guests of the restaurant not to approach the couple for photos or videos. A behavior, therefore, that was not liked at all by those present.

What happened after the farewell to the Royal Family

The farewell to the Royal Family did not cause little talk. Apparently, however, it would seem that their abandonment has had completely inevitable consequences. According to the Daily Mirron, in fact, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are really afraid for their safety. And that they were forced to hire bodyguards at their own expense.

meghan markle controversy
Harry and Meghan. Credits: Youtube

What do you think of this indiscretion? Do you think Meghan could have ever had a behavior like the one reported?