Meghan wins on appeal against Mail on Sunday: “Violated privacy”

The Duchess of Sussex had sued the tabloid for the publication of a letter she sent to her father

Meghan Markle won the last fight in the war that saw her pitted against the Mail on Sunday for violation of privacy and copyright. The Duchess of Sussex, wife of Prince Harry, had already obtained the favorable judgment of the High Court in the first instance, which had proved her right in the lawsuit filed against the Sunday tabloid. This time, the Court of Appeals rejected the appeal of Associated Newspapers, the editor of the Mail on Sunday, which challenged the previous judgment.

There victory “is not just for me, but for anyone who has been afraid to fight for what they thought was right”Meghan said after the trial. “In the nearly three years since all this began, I have had patience with deception, intimidation and premeditated attacks,” Meghan said, denouncing the “harmful practices” of the tabloids.

There story arises from the publication, judged illegitimate, of the letter that Meghan wrote to her father, Thomas Markle in August 2018. According to the Duchess of Sussex’s lawyers, it was a “deeply personal” document, which was to remain “private”, and not a matter of “legitimate public interest”.

If the High Court’s first instance ruling in Meghan’s favor had been swift, without the judge considering to institute actual hearings, the appeal proceedings presented Meghan with some obstacles. Like when the former actress had to apologize for not revealing that she had instructed her personal assistant, Jason Knauf, to collaborate with the authors of a book about her life, a circumstance previously denied. A signal, according to the lawyers of the Mail on Sunday, that Meghan was aware of the possibility that even the letter sent to her father could one day end up in the newspapers.