Mel Brooks receives the Oscar for lifetime achievement: “I sold the first one”

The most illustrious members of Hollywood, busy with the awards season now in full swing, immediately after the 2024 Golden Globes gathered in Los Angeles for the Governors Awardsnow in its fourteenth edition.
As part of a gala evening which took the form of an elegant dinner in which the stars took part in evening dress, Mel Brooks he was welcomed onto the stage to receive the Oscar for lifetime achievement which was announced last summer.
The theatre, film and television director, producer and screenwriter, as well as a comedian with unparalleled verve, entertained the audience during his acceptance speech by swearing that this time he will keep the golden statuette for himselfthat is to say, he won’t sell it as happened with the one received over half a century ago Please don’t touch the old ladies.

Mel Brooks on the statuette: “This time I won’t sell it”

The expression “living legend” which is often used for Hollywood greats who are a little older but still active on the entertainment front, is certainly reductive if used for Mel Brooks who only needed three minutes on stage at the Governors Awards to remind everyone what it means to be a man at the service of entertainment.
The artist’s latest appearance was as fun as ever, especially for backstory linked precisely to Oscar where he was awarded in 1969 For The Producersin Italy, Please don’t touch the old ladies.
I swear to God, I won’t sell it this time”, said the author of with his usual irony Frankenstein Junior clutching the statuette, an exit that arouses laughter from the audience and which suggests that Brooks is no longer in possession of the award received for his overwhelming directorial debut and obtained for the original screenplay of the musical comedy which has become a cult of the genre.
The genius of the director, who blew out ninety-seven candles last June, was also celebrated in another moment of the evening by the two presenters, Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, who referred to the notes of the show in which they both performed on Broadway .

Over sixty years of entertainment

“When your peers appreciate your work and honor you with this golden statue it means a lot and (this award) it means a lot to me”. So Mel Brooks, moved and excitedcommented on his Oscar for lifetime achievement, awarded to him by members of the Academy for his contribution to the film industry which has now lasted for sixty years.
Mel Brooks, openly praised last summer by Academy president Janet Yang who, in a press release, had referred to the vast legacy of the comedian who has made his mark in the entertainment industry, said he is grateful for the recognition that for him it has exceptional valuebecause assigned by directors, writers and actors.
It’s a remarkable thing when you are noticed within a field in which there is so much talent, said the author whose appearance was one of the most emotional moments of an evening in which they received the same award actress Angela Bassett and editor Carol Littleton.
Brooks, therefore, remains one of the protagonists of Hollywood most awarded ever. Her name is part of a very select list of artists who, throughout their careers, have conquered the EGOTthat is, the Oscar, the Grammy, the Emmy and the Tony Award.