Melissa Satta at Belve 2023, Paola Ferrari: “Showgirl like Leotta, not journalist”

“She’s as beautiful as the sun but she’s not a journalist”

Melissa Satta? Splendid showgirl like Diletta Leotta “but they are not journalists”. Paola Ferrari replies in the question and answer with Melissa Satta, guest of Belve 2023 tonight on Raidue. The partner of the tennis player Matteo Berrettini defined Paola Ferrari as “rosicona”, who in the past criticized Satta’s role on the Sky Calcio Show. “I take all the criticism in the world even if I don’t understand it. Melissa is as beautiful as the sun, extraordinarily beautiful and she’s also nice. I’ve always defended her, even with the Berrettini story, in which she received absurd attacks. My criticism wasn’t of her but of football which is profoundly chauvinist, I’m a pain in the ass when it comes to women in the world of football. But I love Melissa, I will never offend her, she’s such a beautiful woman that she stops the sun”, says the Raaisport journalist at Un giorno da Pecora.

It seems like she always picks on beautiful, young sports journalists, like Melissa Satta or Diletta Leotta, the hosts ask. “Without wanting to be unpretty, they are not journalists but splendid showgirls – she replies – If I say that one is a lawyer and instead is a secretary it is not the same thing. There are different responsibilities, it is not that one is better than the other” .

And speaking of Fabio Fazio’s farewell to Rai, he adds: “I didn’t like a certain little theater that re-proposed the usual cliché of thought. It hasn’t changed but it’s fine, it has its own audience and deserves it. However, I think it should expand , without always inviting the same people”.