Meloni: “1 is worth 1 devastating message, credit for us is the only lift”

The Prime Minister in the video message to the national assembly of Federmanager: “Wage dumping builds a wall which is called unfair competition”

“Competence and merit, two added values ​​for our nation. It seems obvious to reiterate it, however, it has not always been like this until now. For years we have been told the opposite, that ‘one was worth one’, that competence was useless, devastating messages of which unfortunately we are still paying the consequences today. We chose to close that season, to work for reactivate the only social lift we really have, which is precisely merit“. Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in the video message addressed to the national assembly of Federmanager, addresses an old slogan of the M5S of the first hour, the Movement led by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio.

“The State must guarantee everyone the same opportunities but at the starting point – continues the prime minister -. It is then up to the individual to demonstrate what he is worth, that is, it is up to each of us to decide what our point of arrival is: it is what we like to call revolution of merit, a change for which we have laid the foundations in this first year of government, which will be our compass starting from school, from investment in skills. Because human capital is ultimately the most precious asset of which we have, it is what allows us to be competitive on an international level, which makes Made in Italy an entirely Italian excellence. This is also why we have decided to specifically deal with the problem of skill misalignment, to invest in active employment policies, which are targeted and in training that is in step with the times and adapted to the needs of the labor market”.

Pillars of government action

There are “two pillars of government action: competitiveness and competence – underlines Meloni – For us the word competitiveness means building an Italy that can compete on equal terms with the other great nations of the world. A concept that is valid in all areas, even more so for our companies, which you managers lead”.

“The road to building a stronger Italy also passes through another priority – he states – reduce the economic, social and infrastructural gap between the North and the South of our nation. It is the reason that pushed us to allocate with this budget law one billion 800 million euros for the tax credit to companies that invest in the new single special economic zone, a great opportunity for the entire Italian entrepreneurial system because the more it grows the South grows and the more competitive Italy as a whole becomes.”


“Since our inauguration we have been working to overcome the rigidities of our system, to release the positive energies of Italy – says Meloni in the video message addressed to the national assembly of Federmanager – We are doing this by building a friendlier tax system, with an allied bureaucracy of those who create wealth and employment, investing in infrastructure, research and innovation”.


The Prime Minister further underlines: “We believe it is necessary to guarantee equal conditions as much as possible with foreign companies, with the more productive systems of other European and non-European nations. This means for example the same rules and the same protections relating to the world of work, tax systems aligned, same production rules with reference, for example, to the environment. Because wage, tax and environmental dumping builds a wall called unfair competitiona wall that limits the competitiveness of those who suffer it.”

As for the executive, “the road ahead of the government is still a long one, there are many concrete measures that we will be called upon to face but we are certain that we can always count on you, who know what merit is. Because no one knows more than you how important teamwork is to achieve the goal you set yourself. The team is this: Government, institutions, entrepreneurs, managers, workers. The objective is complex but remains exciting: to make Italy rediscover the pride of what it is, a great nation worthy of its history, still capable of surprising the world.”