Meloni and the river press conference: “Is there an end to all this?”

The prime minister’s jokes after a three-hour meeting: “Good afternoon? Better good evening, it’s Telethon now…”

”What is Telethon…”. End of year press conference. Giorgia Meloni begins to give the first signs of giving way to the non-stop question marathon. And with a joke he jokes about the duration of the traditional meeting with journalists. ”Good afternoon”, begins the reporter of Il Messaggero who has to ask the question, given that more than two and a half hours have passed since the start of the briefing. The premier seizes the opportunity to joke: ”Yes, good evening, it’s Telethon now…”. “How long can we go on with the questions?”, the president of the National Order of Journalists Carlo Bartoli asks the premier at one point, who has now reached the 36th question in about three hours. The Fdi leader replies with a joke, smiling: ”To your good heart, have mercy… but is there an end to it all?’

”Happy New Year to you and your families…”. After three hours of questions, from 11.30 to 14.35, therefore, the premier arrives at the end of the almost hoarse year-end press conference. In fact, at the end of the marathon, the Fdi leader began to cough and joked about her after a glass of water: ” But is there an end? ”.