Meloni: “Brothers of Italy given up, now first party”

On the war in Ukraine: “Europe has been found unprepared for the shocks we are experiencing …”

When we were born Fratelli d’Italia it was given up for dead, now according to the polls it is the first party …”. Giorgia Meloni said this in her speech at the meeting of the Ecr group in the European Parliament, underway in Rome.

LETTA AND THE LAPSUS – The president of Fdi focuses on green policies and runs into a slip when she throws a stab at Enrico Letta. “On the subject of the environment, the smartest thing we have heard from the head of the local left ... “. The leader of via della Scrofa defines him as ” head of the local left ”, then stops and corrects himself: ” local? No, head of the Italian national left of the Democratic Party … ”. ‘lunge against the secretary Dem.’ ‘On the subject of the environment – Meloni underlines – the smartest thing we heard the head of the Italian national left of the Democratic Party say, is that we are a black-fossil party .. Unfortunately -comments the leader of via della Scrof – these are their arguments … Here too we await them … ”.

EUROPE – ” Europe has been found unprepared for the shocks we are experiencing … Today in Europe they say that everything is fine “attacks the leader of Fdi.”An institution born for the supply of coal and steel. Today we can say that, with the first emergency which is precisely that relating to the procurement of raw materials, not everything went well … ”.

THE NEXT ELECTIONS – ” We have a very difficult season ahead of us, there is a lot of work to do, there are so many challenges to face. Many legislative elections that next year will hopefully be celebrated also in Italy … ” he concludes, looking at the appointment of the next policies: ” We play important matches, our electoral campaigns will not be easy, but we know it and are ready to face them with humility, determination, a clear conscience and with the strength and courage we are capable of ”. ‘Also because – underlines the leader of Fdi – each of us is not alone, as this audience demonstrates …’ ‘.

GREEN DEAL – ” There is the theme of an ideological approach that is not anchored to reality. I am thinking of the issue of the Green deal – Giorgia Meloni wonders -. Does anyone really think that the only tool we have, the PNRR, can be dedicated to a transition that is impossible to achieve without devastating one’s economy? ”. ” A transition with objectives light years away that leads us to tie hands and feet – the leader of Fdi warns – to the most polluting countries, first of all China. I don’t find this to be a smart strategy. ”