Meloni carries on: premiership starts in the Senate, agreement with Tirana? Team result

Oppositions in revolt: Montecitorio ‘branch’ to clear away obstacles

Giorgia Meloni goes straight ahead, without hesitation two large dossiers who animated the last weeks at the helm of Palazzo Chigi: the reform of the premiership on the one hand and the surprise agreement with Edi Rama on the other, a harbinger of complaints among the majority and a detonator of the anger of the opposition.

The premiership

The “mother of all reforms” – copyright Giorgia Meloni – will arrive in the Senate next week, therefore no start of the process at Montecitorio as expected. A choice which for the opposition smacks of burning from a mile away, given that the regulation of Palazzo Madama makes the battle to be waged to slow down the progress of the bill much more difficult for the minority. Above all – the suspicion that winds and bounces among the Roman palaces – is that the government’s choice has fallen on the Senate because it is where Meloni can count on the presidency of the very faithful Ignazio La Russa, while on the command deck of the Constitutional Affairs Commission – the first step of the reform – sits another iron Melonian, Alberto Balboni.

Oppositions in revolt

The measure is full for the opposition, who are calling for an urgent group leader in the Chamber, given that “the motivation” for this decision, thunders Simona Bonafé of the Democratic Party, “would be due to the political affiliation of the President of the Chamber and that of the first commission”, read Lega and Fi, “which would not give sufficient guarantees to the process of the measure”, with the risk that the Chamber “is considered a branch”. For Francesco Boccia, dem group leader at Palazzo Madama, “today (yesterday, ed.) confirms what we have been denouncing for some time: in the Senate the trade-off, in the majority, between the Premiership and Autonomy will take place”.

Casellati: “No political choice”

The Minister of Reforms Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati firmly sends the accusations back to the sender. Regarding the start of the process in the Senate, he assures, “there is absolutely no political choice”: “We need to ask the opposition why they were surprised, but I had no kind of surprise, in the sense that the Senate has just approved the provision on differentiated autonomy, generally we look at how many provisions there are on both sides. So “you have to ask them about the nervousness of the opposition”, he cuts short.

The agreement with Tirana and the nervousness in the majority

But a certain nervousness, to be honest, can also be felt among the majority, not so much on the premiership but on the other major dossier that continues to hold center stage: the surprise agreement on migrants reached between Rome and Tirana, an agreement that yesterday was made public by the Albanian government, while there continues to be no trace of it on the Italian executive website.

Meanwhile from Palazzo Chigi they confirm that no parliamentary passage is envisaged on the agreement as loudly requested by the opposition. In revolt, once again. “It’s unacceptable”, thunders the dem secretariat Elly Schlein, while Carlo Calenda sees in the Memorandum with Tirana “a boomerang”, “yet another commercial” for the M5S leader Giuseppe Conte.

But the eyes are focused above all on the majority: the unusual silence of Matteo Salvini which lasted almost 24 hours, the doubts in the small groups of Forzista deputies gathered in the Transatlantic – “they did something dirty to Antonio…”; “our secretary didn’t know anything, they played a really bad joke on him”, some of the outbursts collected by Adnkronos – push the two deputy prime ministers to deny friction. “There is no bad mood from Matteo Salvini towards Giorgia Meloni”, he assures via Bellerio, branding the agreement with Tirana as “useful and positive”. In the meantime, the Foreign Minister and national secretary of FI Antonio Tajani makes it clear in the chat of the Italian parliamentarians: “Be careful not to fall into the traps!’. It is false that I was not informed of the agreement with Albania, for the simple fact that the entire Ministry of Foreign Affairs built that agreement by collaborating with Palazzo Chigi and 3 other ministries”, the message entrusted to his men.

To stop what has now turned into an avalanche, Palazzo Chigi also comes into play, with anonymous sources labeling as “totally imaginative” the reconstructions “according to which the Italy-Albania agreement would not have been shared by the Prime Minister with the Government allies. On the contrary, there was the full involvement of the two deputy prime ministers Salvini and Tajani from the beginning and the agreement was built step by step with the total collaboration of the ministries involved, starting from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Justice”.

“I only trust my conscience”

So Tajani, Salvini, Piantedosi and Nordio knew: no mid-August blitz, the message coming from the prime minister. Which, in Bruno Vespa’s book out today, admits once again that he “expects more” on immigration, “even if we are faced with an extremely difficult context, I would say unprecedented, for a change. I promised that I would block irregular immigration, I have worked on it and I work on it a lot. And I can say, in my heart, that I am certain that if I had not done the enormous work that I did, especially at a diplomatic level, the numbers of entries would have been much higher high” and this is because “the wave of migration affects millions of people. No one can stop it unless the Arab and African countries concerned are involved.”

Still on Vespa, Meloni says she trusts only herself, “my conscience”, and that she is only interested in “the judgment of Italians”. She lets a certain loneliness shine through. “You know how athletes stand in the blocks? Their brain isolates them: they only think about the race. When they shoot, they start focused only on that.” And in this race also Giorgia Meloni “I missed it – she says -. Sometimes they tell me ‘I miss you’, and I reply ‘I miss you too’. This is a role that takes everything away from you, and you can only do it if you really believe it.”