Meloni evaluates his return to the Chamber with a question time from the Middle East to migrants

Faced with pressure from the Democratic Party, the Prime Minister is considering returning to Parliament to report on the main current issues

Faced with pressure from the opposition, Giorgia Meloni is considering returning to Parliament soon to report on the main current issues, from the conflict in the Middle East to reforms, to the migrant emergency after the controversy over the agreement with Tirana. Parliamentary sources report that work is underway for a new prime minister-question time (the first was held last March).

It is no coincidence that, during this morning’s conference of group leaders in Montecitorio, the Democratic Party put its foot down through the mouth of its group leader in the Chamber Chiara Braga: ”We have reiterated that the government responds to our requests to come to the Chamber to report on many issues, including the issue linked to the situation in the Gaza Strip but also on other topics. We want answers on issues on which we continue to have no feedback from the government.”

”We are no longer satisfied with being told that the Prime Minister has been asked’ to come to the Chamber, insisted Braga and then added: ”We want an answer. We have written to the President of the Chamber asking for an account of how the rights also of the opposition in all legislative activity, and we still have not received a response, especially from the government. If this does not happen – he warned – obviously our attitude in the commissions and in the Chamber will also change”.