Meloni-Giambruno, that post scriptum that politicizes personal life

The Prime Minister announced the end of her relationship with her partner via social media, and when reflecting on their relationship and her daughter Ginevra she added: “Ps. all those who hoped to weaken me by hitting me at home should know that however much the drop may hope to dig out the stone, the stone remains stone and the drop is only water.” A postscript that further politicizes the personal fact together with its exploitation

Giorgia, the stone, the drops

The fact is that when you are Prime Minister, you are not just any stone. You are the ideal stone to dig for water and its infinite drops. All the Prime Ministers, without distinction, were stones to be dug for the water of those who did not support the government. The water can be more or less abundant, the patience of those who move it more or less sufficient for the undertaking, the drops more or less frequent and effective. And it is true that the drops that Meloni dropped on the governments of the legislature before this one were abundant, patient, daily. And crucial, if not for the survival of the Conte, Conte due and Draghi governments, certainly for the broad success in the last elections and for his rise to Palazzo Chigi. However.

The postscript: Politics and intimacy

Those drops have never concerned family events as intimate as a couple’s relationship and its conclusion. It is necessary to underline this. And yet it is also right to note that, perhaps, the words at the end of the post spread all over social media early in the morning somewhat ruin the effect of the previous, perfect ones. Because the postscript further politicizes the personal fact together with its exploitation. Among other things, the open question of who is being exploited remains open. The unfriendly press has certainly made the various episodes involving the prime minister’s husband the symbol of the negative examples that this government offers to the country.

The consequences of being off the air

But without Mediaset’s approval, it is difficult to think of Giambruno’s first off-air moments Strip the News. Even more difficult to think of the host’s second series of words and images, even more embarrassing, without that approval. So either one thinks that there is a very broad freedom of information when it comes to public and super-public figures and therefore there is no exploitation and everyone simply does their job; or on the contrary, those broadcast wanted above all other objectives to generate a political result.

The stone remained stone

And, one would say, if the result was to dig the stone Giorgia, the Prime Minister is right, the stone has remained stone, indeed: it seems even less excavatable or scalable. Then other things remain in mind. The first part of Meloni’s post, for example, is a combination of sentimental maturity, generosity and responsibility. And in fact it generated almost unanimous solidarity.

The incredible (?) media attention

The other thing that remains in mind is the attention on this whole affair from the most important international media and also from Elon Musk, who liked Meloni’s post. Incredible if you look at the situation in the world right now. Or maybe not. Maybe we really, really need to distract ourselves.