Meloni government, Cingolani: “I will be energy advisor for Palazzo Chigi”

Thus the former Minister of Ecological Transition: “Unpaid assignment, role agreed with Draghi and Meloni”

“Do not call me minister or consultant anymore: I will be energy advisor for Palazzo Chigi, at work to overcome the winter given the emergency we are facing”. The former Minister of Ecological Transition explains this to Adnkronos Roberto Cingolani, who will remain at work for the government. Cingolani, therefore, will be working to “secure this period”. To those who ask him if his assignment will cease at the end of winter, “well, I hope the emergency ends, so I agreed”, he clarifies.

The role was “agreed with Draghi and Meloni: work on the price cap and the regasification plant must be completed. I will be Meloni’s adviser on energy matters. All the work on the roof has to be completed at the price of gas, which has been approved. , but now we have to work on terms and conditions. Now I will work with my successor “Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, continues.

The assignment, he specified, “is unpaid, I do it with a constructive spirit” with the mission of “overcoming the winter given the emergency we are facing”, explains the former minister.