Meloni government, Cucchi: “No prejudice despite center-right offenses”

The speech in the Senate: “I was involved in politics too, but on the street, not in these seats on which I have the honor of finding myself today”

“I had to face the hostilities and offenses of some members of his majority, someone who today even has government responsibilities, but I have no feeling of prejudice towards him, no one”. She affirmed it Ilaria Cucchispeaking in the Senate in the debate on the communications of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, addressing the premier.

“My battle for my brother – he added – has led me, for all these thirteen years of struggle, to get to know the world of the least, the derelict. today I have the honor to find myself. I recognize her as the first woman president of the Council, mother and Italian. I ask her to go and visit the world of volunteering that I had the good fortune to meet. so many possibilities of redemption that the last ones have “.

Cucchi then defined “unacceptable the violent and inhuman ways with which the” students faced as terrorists were treated yesterday at ‘La Sapienza’ for the simple fact that they believed they still had the right to protest, to make their voices heard. , in a completely peaceful way. Is this really the model of country you want to offer to our children? ” Cucchi then concluded with a reference to the world of prisons, where “the state is all too often absent, and I use an euphemism, places of life and work bent to suffering for inhuman conditions”, with “agents and prisoners abandoned by the state, who prefers to pit one against the other “.