Meloni government, ministries change name: the decree

New denominations and competences

The ministries of the Meloni government officially change their name. The Council of Ministers approved a decree law that introduces urgent provisions on the reorganization of the powers of the ministries, as explained in the final note explaining the new denominations and competences of the ministries affected by the reorganization. The ministry of economic development becomes the ‘Ministry of enterprises and made in Italy’ and acquires competence in the field of promotion and enhancement of made in Italy in Italy and in the world. The ministry of agricultural, food and forestry policies becomes the ‘Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry sovereignty’ and acquires the competence in matters of protection of food sovereignty.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition is renamed ‘Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security’ and becomes competent in matters of energy security while the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility is renamed ‘Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport’. The ministry of education is called the ‘Ministry of education and merit’ and the functions of the ministry regarding the enhancement of merit are specified.

The decree also intervenes to facilitate the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, through some changes to the regulations relating to the governance of the PNRR. Finally, the inter-ministerial committee for made in Italy in the world, the support structure and protection of the rights of companies, the inter-ministerial committee for maritime policies, with tasks of coordination and definition of strategic guidelines in the sector, are established.