Meloni government, Ronzulli knot remains. Tajani on pole for Foreigners

Salvini still ‘dreams’ of the Interior Ministry, but the favorite is the prefect Piantedosi

In the game of checks and balances, Giorgia Meloni tries to put order among the ‘wishes’ of the allies for shape his government team. Arrived at the Chamber at lunchtime for a new round of meetings with her parents, the leader of Via della Scrofa, as usual, dodges questions on ministerial risk (“It will be another day of work on the most delicate dossiers and for be ready as soon as possible “). On social media, then, she promises: “We are working for a high-profile government team that puts the defense of the national interest and citizens at the center of your action. We want an Italy that thinks big again“.

And meanwhile the totonomi does not stop. The ‘borsino’ confirms the presence of a technician in the Economy (Domenico Siniscalco is still on pole) and a prefect of the Interior, the favorite is Matteo Piantedosi, former head of Matteo Salvini’s cabinet when he was at the Viminale; the alternative would be Giuseppe Pecoraro of Fdi. For Foreign Affairs – we learn in Forza Italia parliamentary circles – the window would have reopened for the blue Antonio Tajani, former president of the EU Parliament, pro-European and convinced Atlanticist: “I minister? I will do what Berlusconi decides, I have no ambitions details, “Fi’s national coordinator said today.

To block the negotiations again, however, they say, there would be the case of Licia Ronzulli, whom Silvio Berlusconi would like to lead a ministry as weighty as Health, despite the strong perplexities of the Brothers of Italy. This is the knot that would be jamming the construction of the new executive. The stalemate could break free if the Arcore loyalist agreed to ‘move’ to a medium-high range box, more suited to her skills, such as the Family (Ronzulli is president of the Parliamentary Commission for children and adolescents) or Equal opportunities. But there are also those who bet that in the end the senator of Fi will not get it right. It remains to be clarified who will be the head of the blue delegation to the government.

At present, therefore, there would be three and no longer four eligible candidates for a government upgrade: to Tajani and Bernini, given for certain, the unknown Ronzulli is added, while the quotations of Andrea Mandelli would be decreasing, while for Alessandro Cattaneo, instead, a post of deputy minister would emerge. As for Defense, the borsino would give on the field a politician but also a technician, and there are those who also see the co-founder of the Brothers of Italy Guido Crosetto in contention, until now reluctant to accept: in the ‘list’, in fact, there it would also be Tajani, only if the Farnesina option were to vanish.

Among the Melonians the strong name in the role of undersecretary to the Prime Minister is only one: that of Senator Giovanbattista Fazzolari, a loyalist of Giorgia (the delegation for the secret services, for now should remain in the ‘availability’ of the premier in pectore). Raffaele Fitto, who returned to Parliament on 25 September, is ready to leave the European Affairs Minister in Brussels if the seat for him becomes concrete.

For Fdi, Fabio Rampelli and Daniela Santanchè (on pole for Tourism) would also be in the game. For Justice Meloni always thinks of the former prosecutor Carlo Nordio while for the South the name of the outgoing Sicilian governor, Nello Musumeci, is mentioned and for the Department of Reforms that of the former president of the Senate, Marcello Pera. However, who will lead the new Ministry of the Sea remains top secret. The problem of Ignazio La Russa remains unresolved: the Fdi exponent could aspire to the presidency of the Senate (and in this case the Montecitorio leadership would go to the Carroccio or to Fi) or enter the Meloni government as minister.

Matteo Salvini’s dream always remains the same, the Viminale: a very complicated desire to realize, however. For this reason, the Northern League leader could marry to Agriculture (where, however, the prices of the Northern League player Gian Marco Centinaio grow) or to Infrastructures (for which Edoardo Rixi is in the running). The Carroccio would also have booked the Regional Affairs (the favorite in this case is Erika Stefani) and in the end it would also be able to win a presidency of the Chambers: the Senate with Roberto Calderoli or the Chamber with Riccardo Molinari, very loyal to the ‘Captain’, given that Giancarlo Giorgetti’s chances would be decreasing.

On the government front from Via Bellerio they assure that the League “has clear ideas on what to do and with whom”, reads a note from the Carroccio. “We can’t wait to go from words to deeds”, says Salvini. Meanwhile, Meloni throws water on the fire after yesterday’s question and answer with the outgoing premier Mario Draghi on the times of the PNRR: the leader of Fdi had spoken of evident delays and difficult to recover, but for the former governor of the ECB there is none stop and the objectives have been achieved.

“I do not think there is a clash” with the premier, said the president of the Brothers of Italy arriving in Montecitorio. But “the government writes in Nadef that by the end of the year we will spend 21 billion of the 29.4 we had”, remarked Meloni, “and therefore we say it with a constructive spirit to say that we must do even better”.