Meloni government, Sgarbi: “Minister of Culture? I’m waiting for a call”

“My rule is to never ask for anything so I’m calm and waiting”, said the art critic on totoministri

“I minister of Culture? I am confident. My rule is to never ask for anything so I am calm and wait for them to call me. I am a monument expert and I imagine that those who have spoken in my favor are aware of what it would be like important to do. ” Thus Vittorio Sgarbi at Adnkronos on the full names for the Government, including the Ministry of Culture, an armchair in which many artists and intellectuals said they see Vittorio Sgarbi well (ELECTIONS, THE SPECIAL OF SKY TG24).

“I wait and I am confident”

” The problem is to understand whether the Ministry of Culture must survive or not – he explains – because Franceschini has now transformed it. It would be necessary to imagine that a ministry of cultural heritage is established as a heritage and a ministry of culture also understood as a ministry of ideas, research, cinema and theater. The articulation could establish what in the end Spadolini had done and that should be reiterated: there is a Ministry of Heritage and there is a Ministry of Culture ”. Sgarbi then says that he has not yet heard from Giorgia Meloni since the elections: ” I hope the assignment arrives before October 20, I wait and I am confident ”, reiterates the art critic.