Meloni government, Tajani: “Foreign policy does not change”

Foreign Minister to ‘Fourth Republic’: “China our partner but also our systemic rival”

” The foreign policy line does not change ”. She said it Antonio Tajani, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to ‘Quarta Repubblica’, on Retequattro. “We want to strengthen our representation in Brussels to make Italy count more in the EU, to count as France and Germany in the EU”, the words of Tajani.

” We – explains the minister – will do everything necessary to guarantee the defense of Ukraine, because if Ukraine defends itself, it can negotiate with Moscow. If, on the other hand, you are invaded by the Russians, there is no longer peace and the ultimate goal is to reach peace ”.

” The goal – remarked Tajani – is peace ” and ” Berlusconi is a man of peace, he wants it to be achieved. We do not want any diplomatic space to close. We also invite Russia to rethink the very wrong choice of no longer being a party to the agreement to authorize the movement of wheat from Ukraine to Third World countries, which are in great difficulty ”.

And on China, he explains, “he is our partner but also our systemic rival, we need reciprocity, we do not accept dumping”