Meloni government, toto-names: Belloni rises to foreigners, Moratti reappears for Health

New day of meetings and contacts for the leader of the Brothers of Italy

New day of meetings and contacts for Giorgia Meloni, grappling with the risk of ministries. Even if she continues to keep the delivery of silence, the toto-names for the next government does not stop. The latest rumors confirm the intention of the leader of via della Scrofa to aim at the Farnesina with his own authoritative candidate, possibly a woman (Elisabetta Belloni remains on pole) so as to be able to give his own imprint on foreign policy, also in light of his role as president of the ERC, the group of conservatives in Brussels. Consequently, the blue Antonio Tajani, given among the favorites for the Foreigners, could ‘move’ to Defense.

At this point, for Ignazio La Russa, former Defense Minister with the Berlusconi government, there would be a post of Undersecretary to the Prime Minister or, according to the latest boatos, the head of the Fdi group in the Senate (the current President would remain in Montecitorio of the deputies Francesco Lollobrigida). There is talk of important assignments at Palazzo Chigi for the shadow man of Meloni, Senator Giovanbattista FazzolariDaniela Santanchè, the party’s economic manager, Maurizio Leo, and the current president of Copasir, Adolfo Urso (someone said to the Defense but at that point Fdi should choose whether to keep the Foreign Affairs too).

While from Milan it transpires that the Letizia Moratti house could be found at Healthcare, which by arriving at the Salute would undermine the grain of the Lombardy region, where sparks are at home with Governor Fontana. Fdi could bless Moratti’s arrival in Rome, also considering that for Meloni’s party the re-election of Fontana himself is no longer a taboo.

For justice, the Melonians see very well the former prosecutor Carlo Nordio (the other contender for the same post, the League’s Giulia Bongiorno, is given to the civil service) and in the South they would like the outgoing Sicilian governor, Nello Musumeci, while the department of Reforms would fit perfectly for the former president of the Senate, Marcello Pear.

For the Environment there would be another FDI exponent, Fabio Rampelli, and the MEP and co-president of the ECR, Raffaele Fitto, could have good chances for European Affairs. At present, Guido Crosetto should remain out of the game.

As for the allies, the decisive factor remains the Viminal node. Even today in the parts of via Bellerio they make it known that the encore inside remains the goal of Matteo Salvini. Salvini could offer the card Nicola Molteni, a loyal secretary, or that of Matteo Piantedosi, prefect of Rome who is in contention with the other prefect Giuseppe Pecoraro.

In any case, if Salvini yielded, taking a seat in Agriculture, which remains remote, a domino effect would be triggered, with Gian Marco Centinaio in charge of Tourism in the place of his colleague Massimo Garavaglia, who ‘would pay’ for having been part of the Draghi government as minister. A stumbling block that does not seem to concern Erika Stefani’s confirmation of Disability. While Lucia Borgonzoni could play for the Roman college, at the head of Culture, after two experiences as undersecretary.

For the guide of via XX Settembre, the favorite would always be a technician: the prices of Fabio Panetta, a member of the ECB board, remain down, and those of Domenico Siniscalco would be stable. If Maurizio Lupi, representing ‘Noi moderati’, is given to Relations with Parliament, we are talking about Vittorio Sgarbi for Culture and Eugenia Roccella, elected on the Fdi lists, for the Family. The name of Luca Ricolfi is mentioned for the job, but there are those who do not exclude the surprise card, that is, that the box can eventually go to Salvini, who always makes himself heard at work (and on the subject of pensions).

In addition to Tajani, blue names that circulate with insistence even those of Berlusconi’s loyal Licia Ronzulli, (to Health or to the Family) and the president of the senators Anna Maria Bernini, former minister for European Union policies. Alessandro Cattaneo, current head of the departments of the force party, could aspire to economic development as deputy minister.

The game of the presidencies of the Chamber and the Senate, still on the high seas, is tied hand in glove with the ministers puzzle. Meloni, they say, would always be oriented to keep the second position of the state for the center-right and leave the leadership of Montecitorio to the opposition, as a gesture of political-institutional fair play. For the successor of Casellati among the eligible candidates there is the Northern League player Roberto Calderoli, given that the blue Tajani, according to the boatos, would have pulled out of the fray because he was available for a government post. But it is not excluded that Fdi could put a welcome name in Palazzo Madama.