Meloni government, undersecretaries game open: towards Cdm on Monday

Negotiations continue unabated

Closed the agreement in principle on the boxes, now it’s up to fill them with names. The negotiations, within the majority, for the composition of the team of undersecretaries and deputy ministers continue unabated. Yesterday the contacts (telephone calls and meetings) between the center-right allies intensified: in particular, there would have been a meeting in via della Scrofa between the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia. On Thursday evening, at Palazzo Chigi, the three big Melonians who are dealing with risiko were spotted: the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, the Ministers of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida and of Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani.

Giorgia Meloni’s goal is to complete her team as soon as possible: at first it was thought to make it by today, but the times would have lengthened to meet the ‘wishes’ of Fi, Lega and Noi moderati. As long as the allies do not clarify, especially in their home, the premier will not be able to solve the complicated sudoku. More likely that the decisive Cdm will be held on Monday 31 October, in order to proceed with the oath of the team on 4 November. The ‘distribution scheme’ should follow the rule applied to the ministerial risk: 50% of the seats will go to Fdi, the remaining 50% will be divided among the allies. A ‘sudoku’ that intertwines with the game to define the presidencies of the parliamentary committees, which will begin immediately after.

As for the sub-government, among the ‘hot’ names in the Fdi house there is always that of Giovanbattista Fazzolari, a loyalist of Meloni, as a possible undersecretary to the Presidency with responsibility for the implementation of the government program. Maurizio Leo, economic manager of Fratelli d’Italia, tax expert, is in pole position for the role of ‘deputy’ of Giancarlo Giorgetti at the Mef with responsibility for Finance. Edmondo Cirielli could get the post of Deputy Foreign Minister, while Andrea Delmastro is favored as Undersecretary of Justice. The delegation to the secret services should be entrusted to Alfredo Mantovano, while that of the digital transition would go to Alessio Butti.

Forza Italia, they say, yesterday morning he presented his ‘list’ to the Brothers of Italy. According to the latest rumors, there are various Azzurri wanted directly by Silvio Berlusconi and some of the ‘old guard’ excluded from Parliament in search of ‘compensation’. They would be considered armored but for now ‘without boxes’: Valentino Valentini, Francesco Paolo Sisto, Alberto Barachini, Paolo Barelli, Matteo Perego and Giuseppe Mangiavalori. Ugo Cappellacci also reported from the parts of Arcore on pole for the government upgrade. Matilde Siracusano would seem to resist at the pink level.

Among the eligible candidates but in decline according to the latest ‘blue bag’, historical exponents of Fi, such as Sestino Giacomoni, Gregorio Fontana and Valentina Aprea. To quell the discontent of the southern wing, on a war footing because under represented in Palazzo Chigi, the Cav, they say, would have thought of four parliamentarians. Hence the choice of the Apulian Sisto, one of the lawyers of the former premier (favored as ‘deputy’ of the Keeper of the Seals Carlo Nordio), the Calabrian Mangiavalori, the former Sardinian governor Cappellacci and the Sicilian Syracusano. This being the case, however, Campania would remain out of the game, which is ready to put its foot down, creating a new grain for Cav. Another knot to be solved, that of the centrists: an arm wrestling would be in progress, because, ‘We moderates’, would claim two undersecretaries, but the fourth leg of the center-right would have been offered only one box.

Among the Northern League names that of the former undersecretary of the Mef, Federico Freni remains on pole to team up with Giancarlo Giorgetti. In Justice Salvini would point to Senator Andrea Ostellari, former president of the Senate Commission. The head of the League’s Infrastructure Department, the Ligurian Edoardo Rixi should end up in the ministry of Porta Pia, at Mims headed by leader Matteo Salvini. Vannia Gava remains the probable name for the environment and energy security, but the name of Alessandro Morelli, former deputy minister with Draghi, is also at stake. The Carroccio could reconfirm the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Lucia Borgonzoni, already in that role with Count I and then with Draghi. Rossano Sasso, already in education, would also remain in the government team, while it seems almost certainly a place for the head of the departments, Senator Armando Siri. Among the names of the last hour that of Senator Valeria Alessandrini.