Meloni high school student, Renzi-Fonzie and bad boy Salvini: politicians in the 90s (with the app) – The photos

The Epik app also transforms the big names in politics. And the result is surprising

Giorgia Meloni, a bit of a student and a bit of a scout, Matteo Salvini the ‘freak’ aspiring bad boy, Elly Schlein with an aggressive look. All it takes is an app and Italian politicians change their faces, returning to the 90s in an alternative guise to say the least. Epik, the application that edits photos and takes subjects back 30 years, strikes again.

With considerable results, judging by the images that the profile of @nonleggerlo pulls out of the hat on previous eras, attributable to Happy Days. Maurizio Gasparri and Matteo Renzi steal the attention in two different versions of Fonzie, up to Ignazio La Russa style Backstreet Boys. And again, Carlo Calenda a slightly nerdy student and Daniela Santanchè between ‘bad girl’ and cheerleader. (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY)

Government and Parliament change their faces, hair and clothes with Epik, the app of the moment which thanks to artificial intelligence allows you to create portraits in the typical 90s style of American colleges. On the social profiles of VIPs we come across images that seem to have come out of a high school album. Instead, it’s just the latest product of AI: just upload a photo or selfie and Epik will create images with colors, clothes, hairstyles, even looks that are reminiscent of images from three decades ago.