Meloni: “I formed a serious and unassailable government”

Premier in the new book by Bruno Vespa: “A new and different relationship has been established with Salvini”

I was interested in forming a team that worked, an unassailable, serious, adequate, well-balanced government. And I believe I have succeeded“So the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in the book by Bruno Vespa ‘The great storm. Mussolini, the civil war. Putin, nuclear blackmail. The Nation of Giorgia Meloni ‘. “I have never really feared of not being able to establish a government even if I have considered the possibility of presenting myself in Parliament without a prior agreement with all the allies, when some proposals seemed to me inadmissible”, she said.

“Although I had gone out to meet everyone without leafing through the Cencelli manual, because the numbers would have said something else. But I was interested in forming a team that worked, an unassailable, serious, adequate, well-balanced government. And I think I succeeded”, she said. underlined the premier.

A new and different relationship has been established with Salvini“, said Meloni again explaining that the leader of the League” understood what could and what could not be done and helped me to find solutions. In some situations he asked me to help him, in others I asked him. Mutual frankness without controversy. A mediator? Well, the fact of not taking sides with Berlusconi a priori helped me a lot “.

And with the Knight ?, asks Vespa. “There was some more misunderstanding with him, daughter of the passing of the baton “, Meloni replied.” When you live certain epochal moments, it is fatal that there are shocks. I do not know how well he was advised at the beginning, but I must acknowledge the clarity of understanding what the priorities were in the end so as not to disappoint those who believed in us and in the return after eleven years to a center-right political government. His speech on trust delivered to the Senate on October 26 was beautiful and important, and I was happy to applaud him “, underlined the Prime Minister. Vespa finally asked Meloni why you love to talk about” Nation “and not about” Country “.” Because the country is a physical, closed and delimited place, while the nation is a place of the soul that holds together culture, identity, sharing “.

Speaking about the October 23 meeting with Emmanuel Macron, the premier said: “We chatted for an hour face to face on the terrace of the Meliá hotel. We are people who both love frankness and we talked about everything with the utmost clarity, of the things that unite us and of those that divide us “.

“I illustrated our decision to defend the made in Italy brand”, continued Meloni. “I contested the predatory attitude that France has shown on some occasions, I found a perfect community of intentions in the defense of food sovereignty, which France is also very keen on – he said again – We talked about Libya, immigration, infrastructure. I said to him: dear Emmanuel, you defend French interests, I defend Italian interests. On some things we will get along, on others we will quarrel. But loyalty and frankness can only bring advantages to our relations. I have found it absolutely worthwhile. agreement on this line “.