Meloni: “I love cats because they are proud and have an equal relationship”

The Fdi leader visits the SuperCat show: “I have two, and six goldfish”

“How would I define cats? As much as they may love you, they are proud animals who prefer an equal relationship with humans, which is why I like them very much. They look at you as if they were saying: ‘Let it be clear that I am me and everything else is discussed’ and this thing makes me love them very much ‘”. Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia, spoke today at the SuperCat Show at the Nuova Fiera di Roma, the most important international cat show with as many as 600 purebred cats that also give a paw to those in the street. Meloni brought luck to the foundling cats of the adoption corner managed by the non-profit Ark who have all found a home, and confesses his feline passion.

“I am a great lover of all animals -precise- I currently have 2 cats and 6 goldfish, I have had many dogs in my life, my daughter would also like a rabbit, but for now let’s postpone“. “I am more attached to Martino, a 7-year-old male Scottish Fold, who sits all day in the chair in front of the aquarium looking at the fish with a face that really does not bode well. Micia, a 3-year-old foundling, is more attached to my daughter who has also chosen the name for her “.

The Fdi leader adds: “They have two completely different characters because Martino is the classic apartment cat, very precise and so lazy e Micia, on the other hand, has a strong predatory instinct and always goes to the garden to hunt for geckos, lizards and sparrows. that I punctually try to save, when I can “. “They are 2 fantastic cats”, he concludes, “and they have an extraordinary relationship with my daughter: Micia sleeps with her, Martino alone with me, he does not like strangers in the house very much, when they are there he prefers to retire and when we are alone again he comes back triumphantly from me and looks at me as if to say ‘mom, but all these people running around the house, what are they doing?’ “.