Meloni: “I want to remain myself, no provisional exercise for manoeuvre”

Premier: “Ready to work even on holidays”. On Pnrr: “Out of 55 goals to achieve, we left 30”

“I want to stay myself. I don’t want people to think I’m no longer the same person they believe in. Just because she became prime minister. This was stated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in an interview with La Repubblica. And this is why, at the press conference, “I answered kindly” to the journalists’ questions: “Exactly – he underlines – as would have happened six months ago or six years ago because if there is one thing that makes me lose my patience it is the lack of respect. I am proud of what I have done in life, of how I built my path from scratch and I can’t stand those who make fun of and think they are dealing with the little girl who can always be taught something and to drag along from time to time in the mud, just pull it down and it’s done. I don’t let myself be pulled down, I wouldn’t let anyone “, says Meloni.


“We really are ready to work even on holidays in order to approve it, we certainly won’t drag ourselves to the provisional exercise”, assures the premier. “It was not obvious – he notes – to put on a complex maneuver like this in a few weeks, I am proud of the result achieved. Most of the available resources will be destined to relieve Italian taxpayers struggling with expensive bills”.


“I dialogued with my predecessor very profitably during the transition phase, I am at the service of the institutions and I will never criticize anyone who held the position until a few weeks ago. But it is an incontrovertible fact that of the 55 objectives to be achieved by the end of the year, we 30 are left”, Meloni points out. But “I am confident that we will recover,” she assures. “Raffaele Fitto is carrying out an excellent job and he was right to sound the alarm clock at all the shopping centres. Having said that, if something were missing from the appeal it would not be our fault”, she points out. “It will rather be inevitable in 2023 to change something to make the ability to use funds faster and more fluid”.


“The problem is simple. Europe, as we have been saying for some time, must take charge of the problem because Italy can no longer accept that the smugglers make the selection”, Meloni reiterated. “I also told Macron, with whom we exchanged messages after the tragedy in Ischia. The 38 migrants welcomed across the Alps do not solve the problem. After all, they, like the Germans and others, can really decide at the border who has requisites and who doesn’t at the entrance, who can be useful as manpower for the companies and who doesn’t. With us, I repeat, the selection by sea is done by the traffickers who manage the boats. It is no longer acceptable. This market must be stopped. Italy – he insists – cannot be the only country forced to pay the cost of the waves of migration from Africa”.