Meloni in Berlin: “Italy-Germany cooperation essential for the EU”

The Prime Minister in a press conference with Chancellor Scholz calls for “Caution on state aid and calls for a rapid EU response to strengthen competitiveness”

“This is our first bilateral meeting. Italy and Germany are nations linked by an extended bilateral relationship to almost all sectors of public and private life”, a “partnership” characterized by “a very close economic interconnection, which makes our economies highly complementary and fundamental to the EU economy”. Thus Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, during the conference joint press in Berlin with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“The United States is investing heavily in their companies. The question we asked ourselves – explains Meloni – is what Europe can do to make its companies equally competitive in this scenario. I illustrated our position to Chancellor Scholz, which is Of caution on changing the state aid regime. We all need to maintain a level of competitiveness that is the same for everyone.”

“For us, a possible solution – says the premier – is that of one full flexibility of funds which have already been allocated in recent years, which are already available to the States”.

“Next week’s extraordinary European Council will deal with important matters, starting with support for Ukraine, but also issues that are inevitably connected”, such as the “competitiveness of the European economic system. It is fundamental for us – the Prime Minister underlines – rapidly achieve a European response to enhance competitiveness of our businesses”.

Meloni also says yes to the hypothesis “of a sovereign wealth fund, fueled by new common debt. We clearly know that there are different positions in the internal dynamics but – he remarks – there is also the issue of timing. The quickest answer that can be given from our point of view is: full flexibility to existing funds”.

Ukraine – As for foreign policy, with Germany “we have a strong harmony of views, starting with the response to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Italy and Germany – he underlines – immediately guaranteed full political, financial and military support, so that Kiev could exercise its legitimate right to self-defense. We will continue to do so, as long as necessary.”

Migrants – Meloni does not neglect to address the issue of migrants as well and does so by asking that Italy “be supported” by Europe “in defending the external borders of the Union”. It is necessary “to work with the countries of origin and of transit to effectively combat the trafficking of human beings – he reiterated from Berlin -. We consider the working drafts of the next European Council to be a good starting point but it will be important that the Council works with pragmatism and concreteness”.

Power – On the energy front, Meloni explains, “this government is focusing on cooperation on the energy level with the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, to strengthen the capacity of theItaly to play a role energy supply ‘hub’ for itself and for Europe as a whole. Our short-term goal – he clarifies – is to secure natural gas supplies but also to quickly become a hub for green hydrogen “.