Meloni in Istanbul, two hours face to face with Erdogan

The topics of international politics and the strengthening of cooperation on the management of migratory flows were at the center of the conversation. Before the summit, the Prime Minister’s visit to the Grand Bazaar

The face-to-face meeting between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan lasted over two hours in Istanbul. The meeting took place in the presidential palace in Vahdictina on the Italian prime minister’s first day in Turkey, a country where Meloni visited for the first time since she led the Italian government.

Before entering Vahdettin Palace for the meeting with Erdogan, Meloni took a walk in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Among the stalls and streets of the city’s main market, the Prime Minister was welcomed by the applause of those present with whom she exchanged greetings and jokes.

The themes of the comparison

From what is learned in the bilateral meeting between Meloni and Erdogan, an overview of bilateral relations was taken in all its dimensions: political and defence, economic and cultural. “The excellent state of economic relations was noted with a commercial exchange that exceeded 25 billion euros and is close to the objective shared by the governments of at least 30 billion in trade by 2030“.

But the theme of the conversation was also at the center of the conversation migration flows. According to what we understand, the two leaders took stock of the strengthening of migratory cooperation where last year’s collaboration led to a 56% reduction in irregular flows along the Italy-Turkey corridor. Cooperation in this area will be increasingly closer also in relation to Libya where the respective Foreign Ministries intend to conclude an agreement soon.

During the bilateral meeting, the Prime Minister expressed great appreciation for Ankara’s constant diplomatic mediation efforts, with particular reference to the reactivation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative to unblock the shipment of wheat from Ukrainian ports after last July Russia did not renewed the agreement.