Meloni in London, second day of visit. Today meeting with entrepreneurs

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Second day of visit to London for Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Scheduled for today, April 28, is a reception at the Italian embassy, ​​in the presence of Italian and British investors and entrepreneurs, where the Minister of Agriculture Lollobrigida will also be present, in the English capital with a parallel agenda focused on the promotion of made in Italy. Yesterday, Meloni met Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Downing Street for an interview that lasted about two hours. The leaders signed a memorandum on defense and migrants, with joint initiatives also on climate, energy and the economy. The position of Rome and London on the Ukraine dossier is in common.

Protests in London and tensions in Rome

The premier’s first day away from London was not entirely peaceful. While the two prime ministers were meeting in Downing Street, about twenty activists from anti-racist groups of the British radical left protested against Meloni’s presence. “Meloni fascista” and “Meloni out, refugees in” (“Meloni out, refugees in”) are some of the chants that were heard in the street, along with “Bella Ciao” (in Italian). The premier commented on what happened : “I heard people protesting and shouting: I asked British Prime Minister Sunak but he replied ‘there is always someone protesting here'”. On the chants: “Were they against me? Well, finally, it’s good news. I haven’t been challenged for some time and I was starting to worry”, he added – Difficult day also in Rome, where the resolution of the majority to the Def on the budget variance failed to obtain the majority required to pass: it obtained 201 votes, still missing six.