Meloni in the Chamber: Pd attacks on migrants, waiting face to face with Conte

After yesterday’s passage in the Senate, the premier in Montecitorio for communications in view of tomorrow’s European Council in Brussels

After yesterday’s passage in the Senate, the premier Giorgia Meloni today in Montecitorio for the debate on the communications of the President of the Council in view of the European Council starting tomorrow in Brussels. On the issue of migrants, the Democratic Party immediately attacked, with MP Roggiani accusing the Prime Minister of having “asked a cruel question” to the survivors and relatives of the victims of the Cutro shipwreck. In the meantime, she is attesting face to face with the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, yesterday the object of a jab by Meloni.

PD – That of Cutro, the deputy dem Silvia Roggiani underlines in her speech in the Chamber, “is a tragedy that we could have avoided”, and to the survivors of the shipwreck and the families of the victims “she asked a cruel question, to which they answered explaining that they were aware of the risks, but they have no alternative” because they are fleeing “from countries where one cannot live, from where it is natural to want to flee”.

Roggiani then quotes the words of the president of the CEI Matteo Zuppi, a “reference for all those who define themselves proudly Christians”, and the “warning of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, which must resound in this Hall”. Hence the “missive from President Ursula von der Leyen, who hopes for a fair and lasting solution”, which can only be reached “with a fair and balanced approach. But you see, President, Europe had already expressed itself, in the last legislature , for the overcoming of the Dublin agreement – continues the dem exponent -, however someone got in the way: the minister Matteo Salvini, who, after not having participated in any negotiations, preferred to wink at Orbàn to the detriment of Italy. I would not like us to see this film again”. “Let’s face the migration problem with pragmatism” in Europe, and “not with blind nationalism”. Finally, Roggiani invites Meloni to have “courage, to give Italy a solid future”.