Meloni in the EU: migrants, warning about Tunisia and bilateral with Macron

After the discussion with the European leaders, one hour and forty minutes face to face with the French president

The first day of the EU summit ended at half past midnight Giorgia Meloni. At the end of the discussion with European leaders – where she expressed concern about the situation in Tunisia, with arrivals in Italy tripling – the premier met with French President Emmanuel Macron for a bilateral meeting in the French hotel where they are both staying. The face-to-face, the first since last October after the tensions following the issue of migrants, lasted an hour and 40 minutes and took place without the respective delegations.

THE EU SUMMIT AND THE “GREAT WARNING” ABOUT TUNISIA – Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in discussions with the leaders at the EU summit, emphasized the situation in Tunisia, considered very worrying, and the fact that arrivals in Italy have tripled compared to 2022. According to what is learned, Meloni underlined that, if this trend continues, the situation will be out of control this summer.

For the Prime Minister, therefore, there is a need for a strengthening of cooperation with countries of origin and transit, concrete measures against traffickers, the offer of greater possibilities for legal entries, the strengthening of SAR activity and the progress of work on repatriations.

During her speech at the European Council, the Prime Minister then launched a “serious warning” to her colleagues heads of state and government on the risks that could be run if the situation in Tunisia were to worsen. There is a risk, you warned, that “900,000” people will arrive that Italy is unable to “welcome”, Adnkronos learns from an EU source. The prime minister appeared “very worried” and pushed for the approval of the International Monetary Fund loan for Tunis, well aware of the risks that could be run if the situation were to worsen in Tunisia as well, in addition to Libya which has become a real problem since 2011 for Italy. The premier also spoke, during the summit, of the shipwreck that took place off Steccato di Cutro, in the Crotone area.

BILATERAL WITH MACRON – The meeting in Brussels between Emmanuel Macron and Giorgia Meloni “was an opportunity to discuss opportunities for cooperation on important issues for both countries, such as migration, industry and space”. This was reported by Elysee sources at the end of the bilateral meeting, underlining that the French president and the Italian premier also spoke of the “need to continue working for European sovereignty, both in terms of industrial policy, to ensure the Union’s competitiveness, than energy, to ensure the decarbonisation of their economies”.

Emmanuel Macron and Giorgia Meloni, “reaffirmed their determination to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression and welcomed the agreement reached to supply the Ukrainians with the ammunition and missiles they need thanks to European industry” , Elysee sources report.