Meloni: “Institutional misgrammation on via Rasella. La Russa apologized”

The prime minister, on the sidelines of her visit to Vinitaly, spoke of the words of the president of the Senate regarding the partisan attack against the Nazis that took place in Rome

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, on the sidelines of the meeting with journalists she had at Vinitaly in Verona, returned to the Via Rasella controversy, explaining that “it was an institutional grammar that La Russa resolved on his own”. The prime minister added that the president of the Senate “apologised, it seems to me that the controversy is closed. He resolved it”. On the ministers’ participation in the April 25 celebrations, you said: “I don’t think I have to ask them.” “These – she added – are all somewhat curious assessments, what do you do,” referring to journalists.

The controversy over the partisan ambush against the Nazis in Via Rasella

In recent days, after having defined the action of the partisans in Via Rasella “among the least glorious of the Resistance” and a page “anything but noble”, explaining that “the members” of a musical band of semi- pensioners and non-Nazis of the SS, knowing full well the risk of retaliation against Roman citizens, anti-fascists and not”, La Russa had released an official note of apology. “I don’t know if the news, published several times and which I took for granted, that the South Tyrolean reservists employed in the German police were also part of the military band of the corps is actually wrong”. But, in cauda venenum, you recall that “many even on the left have been very critical”. Hence the apologies not to “biased and distrusted”, but only to those who “have found reasons to feel offended”.

Criticism from the opposition, Anpi and the Jewish community

An about-face which, however, was not enough to dampen the criticisms: the Democratic Party and the Anpi have repeatedly asked for his resignation, branding the second state office as unsuitable for the role. La Russa was ‘excluded’ from the stage of the partisans who will celebrate in Milan on April 25: after his latest statements, which are also unwelcome to the Jewish community, the Anpi has not invited the president of the Senate to speak. Neither he nor the Speaker of the Chamber, Lorenzo Fontana. The last to speak was the leader of Azione Carlo Calenda, who during an electoral event in Vicenza in support of the candidate for mayor of the Democratic Party, Giacomo Possamai. “La Russa I think you should resign: you don’t have the characteristics to be President of the Senate”, he attacked. “The merits of the questions exist and opposition can be made with civility: will this thing be understood sooner or later in the country of the Guelphs and Ghibellines?” Calenda specified. This afternoon at 4 pm a flash mob organized by Verdi and the Italian Left of Rome and Lazio is scheduled in Via Rasella to ask for the resignation of the president of the Senate La Russa and “to defend the memory of the Resistance of Rome which heroically challenged the occupation Nazifascist of the city”.