Meloni is moved at the Jewish Museum

“Racial laws were ignominy”

“Us females, us moms especially, do this thing of being too sensitive.” So the premier Giorgia Meloni began her speech at the Jewish Museum for the Chanukkià lighting ceremony, thanking the president of the Jewish Community Ruth Dureghello for her invitation.

“The identity and traditions of the Jewish people have spanned the millennia and it was precisely this capacity that made the Jewish people so resilient despite having gone through so many difficulties and so many atrocities including the ignominy of racial laws,” said Meloni.

“I am very happy to be here for this ceremony because I have reflected on the many meanings that are gathered in this celebration and I think it is necessary to give these teachings the maximum dissemination” underlined the premier.

“The history of this celebration is a celebration of courage, of a people who defend their identity, traditions, faith”, things which at the moment “are too often considered an obstacle or an enemy. I think that without what we carry , we can have neither the strength nor the awareness to face the challenges that we face”.