Meloni: “It’s time for courageous choices not made for too many years”

The premier: “The doors of this government are and will always be open to those who care about Italy’s future”

“This is a time when we need to unleash the best energies Italy has, of make those courageous choices that have not been made for too many years“. Thus the premier Giorgia Meloni in a passage of the greeting video sent to the Guido Carli Foundation convention on energy scheduled today at Villa Blanc, in Rome, underlining that “this is a time in which we should also use that approach which the Greeks describe it very well with an extraordinary word, ‘meraki’ or doing something with all of yourself, with all your passion, with all your soul”. “It is an approach which, in a moment of crisis like the one we are experiencing, from the progressive exit from the pandemic to the complex international situation, it can and must also offer our nation opportunities”, says the prime minister.

For Meloni, “liberating the best energies of this nation is among the most demanding challenges we face. To do this, we need everyone’s help, we also need to work as a team. The doors of this government are and will always be open to the contribution and proposals that will arrive from intermediate bodies, from productive categories, from the economic and productive worlds, from think tanks, from cultural institutions and from all those who have the future of this nation at heart. We are committed to this, we with you”.

Speaking of maneuver, the premier explains that “in these first weeks of government we have tried to give some answers that we consider important”, “I am thinking, for example, of the decision to unblock our natural gas fields, with the rule called “gas release” and which allows companies most exposed to rising gas prices to obtain energy at reduced costs, both to protect families and businesses from rising bills.We have dedicated an impressive commitment to this chapter which, not surprisingly, occupies no less than two thirds of the budget law. But if we don’t secure the productive fabric of this nation, if we don’t secure families, all the rest of what we can do will unfortunately have a much more limited impact”. “We promised the Italians that this would be our priority, we have kept this commitment, as we are used to doing”, claims the prime minister.

“I’ve said it so many times, really in relation to the energy crisisI am convinced more and more every day: since this crisis Italy can come out stronger, it can come out more autonomous than before, but to do so he must have courage, vision, look beyond, imagine a long-term strategy”. our noon a sort of energy supply for the whole of Europe. It would be unforgivable to miss opportunities like these”, remarked Meloni.