Meloni meets Macron in Rome

Sources of the Elysée make it known

Meeting in Rome between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and French President Emmanuel Macron, on the sidelines of Macron’s participation in the annual summit of the Sant’Egidio community. Sources of the Elysée make it known.

MACRON IN ROME – “We want the Ukrainian people to choose peace at a certain point, to choose the moment and the terms of peace”, he said speaking at the Sant’Egidio event, ‘The cry of peace’. “This means that there is a prospect of peace: it exists, peace will exist at a certain point, the moment will come according to the evolution of things and when the Ukrainian people and their leaders have chosen it according to the terms they have decided. Peace will be built with the other who today is an enemy, around a table. And the international community will be there “.

“Today, however, there is a people attacked, a people attacked. And on the other side there are leaders who have decided to attack, attack, invade and humiliate. So staying on the sidelines of all this thinking that we must remain neutral would mean accepting a international order where the law of the strongest is in force which would become the law of all and where domination and the state of affairs could replace our rights. I do not agree with this “, he said again.