Meloni on SkyTG24: Support Ukraine but pay attention to the reactions of public opinion

At 7pm the full interview with the Prime Minister will be broadcast, who in conversation with the director of Sky TG24 Giuseppe De Bellis reiterated: “With a Russian invasion of Ukraine we would find ourselves faced with a war much closer to home “. Then on the German amendment to the migration and asylum pact: “It took steps backwards on the issue of NGOs”. And on internal politics: “The left is allergic to democracy: they have even begun to attack Elly Schlein, they will act as ‘technical’ secretary”

“I continue to be convinced that supporting Ukraine is not only right but also the best way to defend Italy’s national interest.” This was said by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who, interviewed on the occasion of the event for Sky’s 20 years by the director of Sky TG24 Giuseppe De Bellis, observed: “What many pretend not to understand is that if we had a If Russia invaded Ukraine, we wouldn’t be faced with a peace scenario, we would be faced with a reasonable scenario of war much closer to home.” The full interview will be broadcast at 7pm (FOLLOW THE THIRD DAY OF SKY 20 ANNI LIVE).

“To defend Ukraine we must pay attention to the consequences of war”

“It is clear that war generates consequences that have a strong impact on our society and that if we are not good at dealing with them, public opinions will continue to creak – said Meloni – But it is inevitable, it is an issue that Italy raises 360 degrees, yesterday we also had a telephone conference with our allies and I posed this problem: inflation, energy prices, migration, are all consequences of the conflict which, by impacting citizens, clearly generate resistance or risk generating community fatigue. ‘public opinion”. “If we want to defend Ukraine forcefully we must also pay attention to these consequences”, concluded the Prime Minister”.

“The German amendment was a step backwards on NGOs”

The Prime Minister then, commenting on the agreement on the key text on the crisis regulation of the EU Pact on migrants, said: “I must say that I do not feel isolated, it seems to me that a European left that continues to believe of being able to address this matter in an ideological way while actually doing a job that helps no one.” “We have seen the declarations of the leaders of the Med 9 countries, we have seen France – he added – A discussion had opened with Germany on the migration and asylum pact because it asked to add an amendment which in my opinion took steps backwards on the topic also NGOs”. “The amendment has been withdrawn and the Italian position has passed – underlined the Prime Minister – It is a question of quickly implementing the actual tools, and it is in the speed of implementation that Europe must be better”.

“The EU makes it clear that traffickers do not decide who enters”

Still on the topic of migration, Meloni then observed: “It seems to me that clear words are used when it is said that human traffickers cannot decide who enters Europe, because it is a clear path that Europe wants to take.”

“PD allergic to democracy, they will become technical secretary”

Moving on to internal politics, according to Meloni “the usual suspects are all those who have benefited from a weak policy. And who today with a strong policy that does not allow itself to dictate the line can see losing ground under their feet. After that, the left which is allergic to democracy: they have even started to attack Elly Schlein, they don’t even like their secretary if he is elected, they will be the ‘technical’ secretary”.

“Debate on caretaker government is a lot of fun”

The Prime Minister, returning to the controversies of recent days, then said that “this debate on the technical government is very funny, I imagine them while at night they dream and make the list of their technical ministers to govern Italy again having lost the elections. Let’s reassure them and help them go through this difficult phase of their lives, let’s go ahead. In the meantime, we govern.”