Meloni phone call, the Russian comedian speaks: “Half an hour conversation, Putin has nothing to do with it…”

“Your Prime Minister is a lively person and explains her opinions. She didn’t notice anything”

“No secret operations, there is no Putin or the Kremlin behind it. We are two people who breached security. Giorgia Meloni didn’t realize it was a joke. The phone call lasted about half an hour“. Lexus, the Russian comedian who with his partner Vovan spoke on the phone with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, on Otto e mezzo on La7 answers questions about the conversation that took place in September against the prime minister and broadcast yesterday with an audio of around 13 minutes.

“The call came to our number, which we left as a contact. I won’t give all the details, because no one should have any harm: this is our rule. You can ask Prime Minister Meloni all the questions”, presses Lexus, who repeatedly refuses the versions that define him as an instrument of the Moscow regime, perhaps close to the services. “We have enormous experience in this type of phone call, not only has Meloni spoken to us. We have phoned the Secretary General of NATO, we have spoken to Commissioner Mogherini and many other institutional figures. Many people read our social media and suggest calling this or that person. We have lots of people from Italy who write and say ‘call Meloni’“, explains.

“The level of security” adopted by Palazzo Chigi “is medium, when compared to other situations. I live in Russia, playing a joke of this kind on our president Putin can be considered an act against the country which is engaged in a military conflict. The president’s ceremonial structures are very strict. The same thing goes for the president of the United States. In these countries, like in China, security works better.”

So, the ‘judgment’ on Meloni: “Your prime minister is a lively person, she has her own position, she is not afraid to explain. She didn’t want to hide what she thought. Bureaucrats generally speak without saying anything, Meloni however managed to explain her point of view. Not all other politicians are like that. Others speak like robots, Meloni proved to be a living person, “she says.

“We spoke with her for almost half an hour, we interrupted the conversation because we had another phone call. We had received the answers we were interested in about Ukraine and migrants in Europe. Didn’t Meloni notice? I think that’s exactly how it went. Will we broadcast the rest of the call? Why not…“.